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Case Coordination

Upon receipt of a referral, Adva-Net aggressively begins case coordination activities. Starting with contacting the patient within four hours, and having the patient scheduled within seventy-two hours, our case coordination program is the most efficient in the industry.

Case coordination involves much more than scheduling, however. We interact with patients regularly making sure they attend appointments, we follow up with the providers to get reports quickly, and we interview patients after every injection to document results. These results are communicated to our clients ensuring they have as much information as possible when managing the claim.

Our case coordinators go even further by determining when follow up appointments with primary physicians are scheduled, and if there is a delay, we work with the patient and client to see if delays can be minimized. Additionally, we solicit patient feedback in regards to their experience with our providers. This is important for Adva-Net when evaluating our providers, and is also tremendously valuable for our providers as they assess their operations.