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02/15/19 – NSAID's Overtake Opioids as the Top Workers' Comp Drug Group

01/25/19 – Pain Management Task Force Releases Best Practices for Fighting Chronic Pain

10/31/18 – 3 Reasons Why Simple Workers' Comp Claims Result in Catastrophic Costs

10/26/18 – Factors Associated With Persistent Opioid Use Among Injured Workers' Compensation Claimants

10/03/18 – 6 Drugs That Should Raise Red Flags on Any Workers' Comp Claim

09/21/18 – Workers Overdose on the Job, and Employers Struggle to Respond

09/02/18 – Occupations Associated with Drug Overdose Deaths

08/20/18 – 5 Ways to Help Avoid Injured Workers Avoid Opioid Misuse

08/16/18 – High Opioid Overdose Rate Has Construction Sector Looking for Solutions

07/23/18 – Words Matter When Talking About Pain with Your Doctor

07/08/18 – Who Are 'You People' Anyway?

07/01/18 – Education as an Intervention for the Chronic Pain Epidemic

06/22/18 – Functional Restoration for Chronic Pain and Depression in the Elderly: Pharmacotherapy and Beyond

06/22/18 – Opioid Prescribing for Low Back Pain - What is the Role of Payers?

05/17/18 – How Virtual Reality is Changing the Way We Treat Chronic Pain

04/24/18 – Opioids Might Not be Useful for Injured Workers in the First Place

04/11/18 – Opioids Prescription Extends Disability

03/21/18 – Ignorance Isn't Bliss About Opioid Crisis for Manufacturers, According to MPI

03/07/18 – Non-Opioid Pain Relief Outperforms Opioids for Chronic Pain

02/20/18 - Treating Pain Without Drugs

02/13/18 - Economic Cost of the Opioid Crisis: $1 Trillion and Growing Fast

01/24/18 - Opioid Epidemic: What Brought Us Here?

01/19/18 - Opioids in the Suburbs

12/26/17 - Spinal Cord Implants to Numb Pain Emerge as Alternative to Pills

12/23/17 - The Opioid Crisis Comes to the Workplace

11/09/17 - A New Study Compared Opioid and Over-the-Counter Painkillers in ER's. Opioids didn't do so Well.

11/01/17 - Managing Pain in the Workforce

10/28/17 - Americans Struggling with Opioid Addiction Miss 50% More Work than Everyone Else

09/25/17 - The Chronic Pain Problem

09/24/17 - Opioids and the Workforce

09/08/17 - More Opioid Prescriptions than People in some California Counties

08/01/17 - How to Stop the Deadliest Drug Overdose Crisis in American History

07/20/17 - A New Study Suggests it's Possible to Get People Off Opioids and Improve Their Pain

07/12/17 - Workers' Comp Outperforms Nation in Reducing Opioid Prescribing

05/04/17 - Opioid Use Drops, Pain Management Improves with Intraoperative Methadone

04/27/17 - Opioid Abuse Drops when Doctors Check Patients' Drug History

02/14/17 - ACP: Try Nondrug Therapies First for Nonradicular Low Back Pain

12/09/16 - One third of Long-Term Users Say They’re Hooked on Prescription Opioids

12/04/16 - Fighting Pain with Knowledge

11/13/16 - The Politics of Pain; As Opioid Use Surges, Experts Urge Cautious Approach